Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cars & Coffee – 1/22/11

Big gathering of C4 ZR-1 Corvettes today, as well as a bunch of cool old Alfas, Lancias and Lotus Esprits. But the highlight had to be the car I saw after I heard someone call out, "Clio!" Yep, our favorite gray market Frankenhatch was back, the mid-engined, flared-fendered V6 by Renault Sport.

And if that wasn't enough, just as we were leaving, another cry came. This time it was, "LM002!" Uh huh, the Rambo Lambo was back. The Lamborghini SUV that was originally developed to be an Italian military vehicle. Sort of an Italian Hummer. This red one looked great, and just as badass as I remembered it. Other notables today included the purple Lamborghini Diablo SE, white Ferrari 612, Audi Quattro, Sunny, E30 M3s, old Rolls Royces, Jags and MGs, and some great bikes.

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