Sunday, October 21, 2012

6th Anniversary of Cars and Coffee Irvine and Marconi Open House

Cars and Coffee 10/20/2012 Pics

October 20th was the 6th Anniversary of our favorite weekly car show here in Southern California. Mother Nature didn't seem in a particularly festive mood, but the constant mist didn't seem to keep many people away - by 7 am the lot was about 80 percent full and folks kept trickling in along with the precipitation over the next hour or two.

There was no featured marque this week, but the corral was filled with a random assortment of what has made this show such a treat from the beginning. The eclectic mix included a group of Challengers, some old Jags, Cobras, GT40s, Fiat Dinos, Pontiac GTOs, a Split-Window Corvette, Porsche 356 Carrera 2, Morgan, new Camaros and more.

The Porsche row featured the usual mix of 911s, 356s and Boxster/Cayman models, highlighted by a Carrera Panamericana 356 on semi-slicks, a new 981 Boxster S and a nice 550 Spyder among others.

Walking the rest of the lot, it was more of the same random toy collection on display - Old Mustangs, some tuned Fiat 500s, Audi R8 Spyder, Maserati Bora and Merak, Lotus Cortina, BMW 2002 tii, Citroen 2CV, Datsun 1600, S15 Silvia, some classic Mercedes, a Cobra Jet Mustang drag racer, C-Max Hybrid and an RX-7 Turbo powered Mazda pickup by Racing Beat that had a 4-rotor engine in the bed and a matching license plate to advertise the cargo.

Besides the great assortment of cars, trucks and bikes, there were quite a few interesting people at the show. My buddy Bruce introduced me to a young couple who were first timers - she from Riverside and he from England. Bruce also bumped into a German reporter who was another first-timer, not knowing anyone at the show, he still managed to have a great time it seemed, enjoying the cars and making some new friends.

Marconi Museum Open House with SEMA Preview

After the show we headed over to the Marconi Museum where they were having an open house with a special display of some international customs that are headed to SEMA next weekend. It's always fun to visit the Marconi, with its great collection of Ferrari supercars, customs and F1 cars, Indy cars, vintage racers, muscle cars and assorted European exotics, but throwing in those wonderfully delightful foreign customs made it extra special.

The best part of that SEMA display was the fact that the cars looked like they could have been made right here in the States - from the Swedish '57 Chevy to the Trinidad & Tobago-born Range Rover, from the Mexican '46 Ford to the French (what else?) 2CV, it was cool to see that the hot rodding hobby knows no bounds.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monterey Classic Car Week 2012

It's been a while since I've posted on the blog, mainly because my day job keeps my creative needs met most of the time. But after getting back from Monterey I had 8,000 photos that were begging to be shared. Some ended up on our Facebook page and others will appear in Dusty's exceptional Driven World Magazine - which continues to amaze me every month with even higher levels of work from all involved. Here are links to the rest. I whittled them down a bit by tossing out all of the blurry ones, and broke them up into hopefully bitesize chunks for you. I still need to do the final track album and a highlight album that will likely be around 200 of my favorite shots from that week, but for now...

By the way, Monterey is impossible to capture in words or pictures. Even video doesn't do it justice. The electricity you feel up there just driving around the peninsula is incredible. Even without events like McCall's, Concorso, Quail, the Historics and Pebble, the cars you can see driving around, parked at Denny's, filling up at Rotten Robbie's...are nicer than the cars at most museums or exotic car dealerships. Fortunately for us, we also got to add the Jet Center, Laguna Seca, 17-Mile Drive, the Lodge at Pebble Beach, Bixby Bridge and Scott's Valley to the list of beautiful backdrops for our photos too. So click through and enjoy a whirlwind visit to Monterey for Classic Car Week.

Monterey 2012 - McCall's Motorworks Revival

Monterey 2012 - Canepa Design

Monterey 2012 - Historics: Paddock Walk

Monterey 2012 - Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance

Monterey 2012 - RM and Gooding

Monterey 2012 - Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

Monterey 2012 - Misc. Sights

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cars & Coffee 4/7/12 - Porsche Tribute

Click here for full gallery

Coming a couple of days after the death of Ferdinand A. Porsche, the turnout of great Porsches was to be expected, but after looking at 911s for decades and not seeing much beyond a Beetle on steroids, seeing so many generations of them together made the differences more obvious.

Check out the tails alone and you'll see a huge variety of aero treatments from clean, to ducktail, whale tail, GT, fixed, variable, etc. You'll also see labels ranging from a simple 911, to 911S, 911E, 911T, Turbo, Turbo S, Turbo Carrera, Carrera, Carrera S, Carrera RS, GT3, GT2, GT3 RS, GT2 RS, 2.4, 2.7 and on and on.

Besides the Abarth that was justifiably mobbed all morning, the other non-911 highlight was a low-slung blue jewel wearing a license plate that read "BUTZI S," Ferdinand's nickname. This was the 904 prototype that belonged to Butzi himself. We've seen it countless times at Cars & Coffee and its predecessor, Crystal Cove, but today it held much more significance.

Other highlights of the day might have stolen the show on any other weekend - the Dino gathering that included half a dozen 206/246 models, the Dino convertible showcar that would become the Fiat Dino, and a few 308GT4s as well, a Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II, Mercedes SLR Roadster, Luigi,  Isetta 600, Subaru BRZ, Spyker C8, Vector Avtech WX-3R, Lotus Elite racecar, Italias, Scuds, Stradales, Gallardos, a Countach, Dan Gurney, Reeves Callaway, and more. Check out the gallery for the rest.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cars & Coffee - 3/10/12

Orange you glad you came to Cars & Coffee? Lots of orange cars today, highlighted by the Rosso Dino Enzo and Rosso Dino and Black Veyron of Gerald Barnes. So many other great cars, unfortunately the place was so busy it was hard to move around. Apparently somebody decided it would be fun to print C&C in the Register as a Thing To Do this weekend, complete with map. Douche. Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cars & Coffee - 2/11/12

Who would have thought that such a rainy morning would have produced one of the best shows of the year so far? It certainly didn't hurt that it was Jaguar day, so the featured lot was packed to the gills with E-Types, XKs, XJs, S-Types, and the like. Nor did it hurt that the local Lamborghini dealer had planned a get-together that brought a dozen Gallardos, a Murci or two and a pair of Aventadors. Throw in a mini-reunion of RX-7s and the usual die-hards and the show lot was full before you knew it.

Particularly fun sightings included the black Carrera GT, the special CTS-V Wagon, the old Land Rover and Land Cruiser, the '51 Mercury, Vector, Audi R8 GT, VW Golf R, "Sea Shephard" Rossion, Vintage Morgan racer, Aston Martin Lagonda, Kellison recreation, another Bruce Meyers hot rod, Audi Sport Quattro, and that Sears catalog Allstate Motorcycle.

Of course, it wasn't all good. I guess I'm just too old to appreciate the whole VIP/hella flush Asian car phenomenon. The odd suspension geometry and stretched tires just make me cringe. Like donks, bouncing low-riders and street-bound Trophy trucks - they are more for show than go it seems, totally impractical for the street and an enormous misuse of valuable resources in my book. Like the Rich Evans Mustang and the accompanying spray-on-bed-liner-painted Range Rover, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but as they say, variety is the spice of life and to each his own.