Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Barrett-Jackson Collectible Car Event from Scottsdale

It never ceases to amaze me how big this place really is. It has to be a mile from one end of the main tent to the other, and that doesn't include the acres and acres of auxiliary tents, vendor booths and demonstration areas. Not to mention the parking, which isn't always, shall we say, tent-adjacent. Still, it's worth the exercise to see so many truly amazing displays of automotive history and modern tuning magic in the flesh. It's a fun place to people watch too, but the cars are really the big attraction, even to car guys jaded from free local shows like Cars & Coffee.

While many of the listings in the auction catalog read like a Who's Who of obscure and legendary muscle cars, European classics and star cars, there are quite a few mundane autos in the book to mirror the truly outrageous customs that are truly their owners' prides and joys. Even if I have to fight a severe gag reflex whenever I see one. Did you catch the auction action on Speed at all on Wednesday? That Brillante Corvette with its Testarossa wannabe looks was truly puke-tastic, and yet...it sold for more than some of the stock C3 and C4 Vettes in the same day. Different strokes I guess.

Some of the best vehicles in the offerings will be going across the block on Friday and Saturday during prime time, but there are quite a few nice cars scattered throughout the early days too. I feel bad for the folks who have their cars going through at those times though because the bidders just aren't the same caliber as the weekend ones. There were so many steals on Tuesday and Wednesday that I had to fight the impulse to register for a bidders paddle.

I'll have hundreds of additional pics posted soon of the cars, the VIP party where they launched the 40th Anniversary Perana and David Yurman watch, and of the fashion show that accompanied that event. It was a fun night with great food, an open bar, swimsuit models and one stunning car. Check back soon for more updates from Barrett-Jackson.

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