Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cars & Coffee – 10/23/10

Lots of rain all week and this morning was no exception. Still, several clusters of cool cars made it down for the show today. There was a cluster of Lambos including a white Countach and Versace Murcielago, a handful of classic Mercedes accompanied by a rare-in-the-States B-Class, several Aston Martins including a Vanquish and a DB9 Volante, a gaggle of Beetles, a pair of X1/9s, Corvettes old and new and sinister too, Porsches ranging from 356 to Boxster Spyder, R8, E-Type, a Ferrari TdF and a skull bike and Alien sculpture from a real monster garage. Like I said last week - never assume that the drive down won't be worth it, even in the rain.

Direct link to pics

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