Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cars & Coffee – 10/16/10

You know, this always seems to happen. On the mornings you feel like not going to Cars & Coffee, something amazing turns up. In this case, it was rain that almost kept us away. We would have missed the first Ferrari 599 GTO to make it to the show. A beautiful black GTO with a few custom touches was parked near the back of the lot. A more than half full lot, I might add. Up front in the corral there were a gaggle of Woodies and another Aston Martin V12 Vantage parked across from them by the refreshment tables.

As if that wasn't enough for a drizzly morning, there were a couple of Panameras, a Ferrari Daytona, a Scuderia, a beautiful blue Boxer, a cluster of great-looking Datsun Z cars, an orange Evora, the chicken couple in their cracked egg Isetta, a Pro Touring 'Cuda, a couple Fast and Furious cars, an old Mirage, a Suan G. Koman sponsored Gallardo Spyder driven up by Spencer from Symbolic, an old Great American Race entrant and a bunch of other fun stuff. Ford even had their pre-release 2011 Explorer parked in one corner. Oh, and the GMG guys drove a World Challenge GT3 Cup car in for good measure.

I doubt I'll ever skip a Saturday after this one...even if it's snowing.

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