Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cars & Coffee – 6/11/11

One of my buddies who already owns a WWII Jeep just picked up this 1940s Dodge WC62 6X6, which was used in France during the German invasion. After the war it stayed in France and was used by the French military until the 1980s, believe it or not. No wisecracks about it carrying nothing but white flags. Well, the old Dodge ended up in a St. Louis museum where he found it and bought it last week. Powered by an inline-six with a lot of grunt, it can actually do 55 mph, although at those speeds  it probably feels like a runaway stagecoach. Parked next to a recreation WWII Jeep and his other real one, it made quite the display.

While that was the star of the show for me today, there was a really cool old Celica GT that almost eclipsed it. Other highlights included the '33 Rolls wedding coach, some great old VWs, a Triumph Stag, several old Alfas and British roadsters, a Dino, Spyker, Mustang Cobra R, Sterling 827SLi (for its rarity more than anything else), Citroen SM and DS, and an awesome '70s Pontiac Grand Am.

Link to photos

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