Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cars & Coffee – 4/30/11

Oftentimes Cars & Coffee is more of a get-together than a car show. There might not be anything too unusual in the lot so it's a chance to catch up with friends. This wasn't one of those weekends.

T3 Motion, the folks who make the Segway-like chariots that law enforcement uses in some areas brought out for the first time a little project they've been working on - the GT3. At first glance it's a three-wheeler, but a second look shows four tires. A third look shows it is actually a novel three-wheeler with four tires - designed over twelve years to give the vehicle more stability and low rolling resistance but still allowing it to qualify as a motorcycle. That means that it can be cheaper and lighter because it doesn't have to meet automobile regulations that are much harder and expensive to meet.

Not that they are trying to get around having to make a safe vehicle, but this makes it possible to sell an inexpensive little runabout like this that is fun and economical. In this case, the vehicle borrows some motorcycle parts, some automotive parts and an electric motor powering the front tires to create an open-top sporty car that seats two in style. The company hopes to be selling this soon, at a range of $12,000-$30,000 depending on whether it has the electric motor or the "big-ass engine" the T3 rep promised. He also mentioned a possible titanium-bodied version that could sell for as much as $100,000. That's quite a price range.

As bizarrely fun as that thing was, it was trumped by the TVR Tuscan S that pulled in alongside it. In the States through a special connection for a two year period, it looked like it had just dropped from another planet. We never see those things here. The last one I remember seeing was in the movie Swordfish, although I had to have it pointed out as the only thing I really remebered from that movie were Halle Barry's naughty bits.

As if those two marvels weren't enough, a Lamborghini Jarama pulled in right across from them, followed by an eggplant-colored Lusso. That original looking car was facing a Shelby Cobra which was next to Tom's 375 MM and a Siata V8, which was staring down the tail end of a Ferrari 250GT Pini Farina Cabriolet. In front of that was a 1937 Cadillac which was parked a few spots over from a 1920's Ford that looked like it was from the Grapes of Wrath.

It was that kind of day. And the rest of the lot was just as eclectic. The Tucker was back, as was the black Enzo, that gorgeous red Ferrari 512 BB, a CLK Black Series, stepnose Alfa GT, 1933 Rolls, Boss 302s, LS6 Chevelles, green Dino, '66 VW Crewcab, RHD Mini, Studebaker custom, Fiat 500, Jaguar E-Type 2+2, Dodge Power Wagon, 1959 Volvo 442 Station Wagon (!), and a fleet of Nissan 300ZXes, a few sporting StopTechs.

Plenty more to see as well in the full gallery. So check it out.

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