Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cars & Coffee – 12/11/10

Foggy morning but a great turnout today. It looked like a lot of groups showed up with a good sized cluster of Miatas, BMWs, British roadsters, T-Rexes, Ariel Atoms...and of course the usual Porsches, Corvettes, etc. The gang from Edmunds.com was even there this morning with their long-term fleet.

Two V12 Vantages, a DBS and a Vanquish were joined by the old Virage in representing Aston Martin. A Turbo S coupe and cab, GT3 RS, GT3 RSR and GT2 highlighted the newer Porsche contingent, although an eggplant Panamera captured our attention with the smell of burning plastic. A couple of undercar photos showed nothing obvious – probably just skipped a step in the PDI and we were smelling the exhaust tip coating that should burn off pretty quickly.

Another Panamera was parked alongside an old Rolls Royce, showing the evolution of 4-door luxury sedans. In fact there were several interesting pairings this morning – The Hennessey Ford GT next to the 599, a Pantera and another Ford GT, a 412 and a Maranello, a giant old Bentley Continental R and the Virage, a Super Duty Trans-Am and a late-model GTO, a 356 and the GT3 RS, and so forth.

With such slick roads from the fog, it was a bit surprising to see so many cool bikes today as well – everything from Rob's French military Indian to Frank's Ducati 999. But as usual, thankfully, the sun came out just as it was time to go.

If you've been wanting to make it down to Cars & Coffee but haven't been able to drag yourself out of bed lately, try to make it next week. Although they were tight-lipped about it, those in the know said we might get an early Christmas present.

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