Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Car Sunday 8/29/10

Wow, wow, wow. The first car I saw when I got there was enough to make the trip worthwhile – the 1986 Le Mans 24 winning Porsche 962C of Al Holbert, Hans Stuck and Derek Bell. And it only got better from there. Purple Miura SV, alloy 275 GTB, Guara, Mangusta, Ford RS200, Meyer's lightweight E-Type, Vector, Minis, Cobras, Esprits...and Tenney's awesome '64 GTO – the very same Poncho that featured in the infamous Car and Driver "GTO vs GTO" issue back in the day. Amazing day. Nice to reconnect with soooo many of you. Hope to be back soon. Here's the link to the pics:


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