Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cars & Coffee – 4/9/11

Another gloomy weekend, but the rain held off thankfully. The featured marque corral was filled with some big burly Cadillacs, from the previous gen CTS-V sedans to a pair of XLR-Vs and a bunch of current generation CTS-V sedans, coupes and wagons. Some nice looking cars in there, and some mean sounding ones too.

Mercedes brought a couple of show cars today including a new SLS Gullwing, a new CL63 and one of their promotional Fashion Force fleet cars that just happened to be a new CLS63. I hear they've been driving these around different cities issuing "tickets" to aesthetically offensive vehicles.

The first row of the main lot, which is usually filled with Porsches, was instead populated with Mustangs. A lot of Mustangs. Many are in town for tomorrow's Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knott's Berry Farm.

The rest of the lot was the usual mixed bag of exotics, classics, rods, muscle and oddities. How about that AMC Pacer? Parked between a 2CV and a Beetle it looked like an early Concours de Lemons. There were a lot of other interesting pairings today too.

Like the Audi R8? Do you prefer the V8 or the V10? Coupe or cab? There was something for everyone. Fans of the Nissan GTR had their pick of R35s including the updated 2012 model in white, silver, black and blue. An old Ford Focus stood next to a similarly sized new Fiesta. A Mustang and a Challenger were looking for a Camaro to complete the triumvirate. The funky future-ride known as the Monotracer made quite a splash, as did the matte red M3.

A row of modded modern VWs was nicely complimented by a row of early BMW sports sedans and coupes that included a 2002ttii and a 3.0 CSL. A row over sat a pair of red convertibles, one German and one Italian. The 190SL is beautiful, but I'll take the Alfa. A black R8 and equally ebony Porsche Turbo sat side-by-side. And speaking of Porsches...do you prefer the big-bore 968 or the classic 944? And what color do you want your Carrera GT painted? Black and Seal Gray examples were on hand to help you decide.

Ferrari fans wouldn't have been disappointed today either. Practically every V8 model was represented: 308, 348, 355, 360, 430 and 458. V12 fans had their choice of a 575 or 612. And speaking of stallions...how about those Great Danes? At least four foot at the shoulder, the smaller of the two was big enough to pull a beer truck. My favorite comment was, "did you bring the saddles?"

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