Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cars & Cockpits or Aviation & Autos

Craig Lieberman, Aimee Shackelford and Benjamin Chen are some creative people. They organize drives for exotic car owners under the L4P banner and other events that bring the well-heeled – and well-wheeled – together to have a little fun with their rides. Their latest gathering added a little twist, as the typical run ended not at a restaurant as usual, but at the Lyon Air Museum, a World War II museum that houses some amazing aircraft.

While the organizers had anticipated about 50 Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches and the like... more than twice as many actually turned up. That made for some creative parking solutions. While the hottest cars, like the black Enzo, got prime spots right in front of the museum entrance, the modified BMWs and Benzes filled in the access road and outer lots of the adjacent businesses. They left spots for the Chomp Chomp food truck and the ice cream truck too thankfully.

Inside the museum, folks got to see a B17 bomber (think Memphis Belle), an A26 Invader and a C47 (think Band of Brothers) as well as several armored military vehicles and classic automobiles. Only a couple of classics were parked outside the museum, but they were pretty great too. The yellow Alfa was stunning. Of the modern cars, the Enzo was definitely at the top of the roster, but there were dozens of others that stood out.

Ferraris included a 599 GTO and "regular" GTB, Stradale, and satin black 430 Spider with more than 80,000 miles on it. The sign of the bull was well represented too, with everything from a Diablo 6.0 to a half dozen Murcielagos. There were Superleggeras, a Valentino Balboni and plenty of regular Gallardos too.

The Lexus guys brought a yellow LFA, Mercedes had an SLS AMG, SL65 Black, CLK Black, and about a dozen other AMG and tuner models, Acura NSX, Honda S200, Lotus Elise, Dodge Viper, Corvettes, Porsche Panamera, Cayenne, 914, 911 and Caymans, Evos, STIs, GTRs, Bentley Continental GT SuperSports, Audi R8, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, Spyker C8 Spyder, Ariel Atom, E-Type and on and on.

Personal tips of the hat to the best license plate "CLKWORK" on an Orange Murci, the original Mini Cooper, R33 GTR, Lincoln Continental convertible, and the BMW M5 that had by far the most appropriate paintjob for the setting, camo and noseart.

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